Excursion Plans

Sendai city and its surrounding area were damaged by the great earthquake and tsunami in 2011, and the coastal area was severely damaged by the tsunami flood. Houses and streets in such areas were totally wiped out by the flood, and some towns were abandoned or newly developed on new lands. The excursion on Friday, December 7, is to visit coastal areas near Sendai.

The tours (except Yamamoto Plan) are Do-It-Yourself style. We ask participants to use public transportation. Participants who register for the excursion plans will receive “Marugoto Pass” which works with trains, subways, and buses in Sendai city and neighboring areas. When traveling beyond the service area, please pay the adjustment fee by yourself.

Map: http://goo.gl/BaSMYc

Plan 1: Ishinomaki (Recommended)
Time: 1 hour train + 30 min (slope) walk. (Travel time for one way).
09:24 Sendai – 10:16 Ishinomaki via JR Senseki-Tohoku Line Rapid train
View: Landscape from Hiyoriyama Park Hill.
Visit: Information exchange hall (Small exhibition)
Lunch: Local market, or shops on streets.
Option: Visit to Former Kadonowaki Elementary School. (20 more min walk)
Other: Manga museum.
Extension: Travel can be extended to Onagawa Plan
15:51 Ishinomaki – 16:17 Onagawa via JR Ishinomaki Line train
Return: 17:52 Onagawa – 18:18 Ishinomaki 18:29 – 19:52 Sendai

Plan 2: Yamamoto (Recommended, fee required, group)
Time: 40 min train + 15 min walk
09:24 Sendai – 10:04 Yamashita via JR Tohoku/Joban Line train
View: Totally redeveloped town, railway, farms, and former town and ruin of former rail station.
Visit: Hidamari Hall (Exhibition)
Visit Former Yamashita Station and MINNANO SHASHINKAN (small exhibition)
Visit: ICHIGO WORLD Strawberry Farm (Lecture fee + lunch 4000 JPY cash)
Lunch: Strawberry farm (or near the station)
Option: Visit to former Nakahama Elementary School (10 min taxi)

Plan 3: Nobiru
Time: 39 – 61 min train + 10 min walk
10:15 Sendai – 10:54 Nobiru via Senseki-Tohoku Line Rapid train
Visit: Former Nobiru Station and 3.11 Disaster Recovery Memorial Museum (Exhibition)
Lunch: Restaurants near Matsushima Zuiganji Temple

Plan 4: Arai
Time: 21 min subway
09:32 Sendai – 09:53 Arai via Sendai Subway Tozai Line
Visit: Sendai 3.11 Memorial Exchange Hall (Exhibition)
Option: Visit to a former elementary school. (10 min taxi)
Lunch: (A quick trip)

Plan 5: Iwanuma / Natori
TIme: 27 min train + 20 min walk.
09:35 Sendai – 10:02 Sendai Airport via Sendai Airport Access Line train
Visit: Sennen Kibo-no-oka hills (evacuation places)
Lunch: At airport or Sendai station
Option: Visit to Memoire de Yuriage (10 min taxi from Mitazono Station)

Plan 6: Onagawa
Time: 2 hour train
09:24 Sendai – 10:16 Ishinomaki via JR Senseki-Tohoku Line Rapid train
10:37 Ishinomaki – 11:02 Onagawa via JR Ishinomaki Line train
View: Totally rebuilt town.
Lunch: Seapal-Pier Onagawa (shopping and food mall)
Option: This plan can be an extension to Ishinomaki Plan

Other Information
Kesennuma, Minami Sanriku Utatsu and Minami Sanriku Shizugawa may be destinations to see wiped-out and totally redeveloping town , but require significant time for travel.
Kesennuma: 2-3 hour train + 20 min walk
Minami Sanriku (Utatsu and Shizugawa): 1:40 hour bus + 10 min walk (1 night recommended)